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CR: Background on out-of-control test rules

Revision Date: 2005-09-19

This article applies to CHARTrunner versions 1.7 and above.

CHARTrunner does out-of-control testing on all control charts. This testing is based upon rules called out-of-control test rules. These rules are stored in special text files. The files have names like this:


These files are generally found in the sysdata folder where CHARTrunner is installed. If you open one of these files with a text editor or word processor you will see a list of entries similar to this:

7 ascending
7 descending
1 beyond limits
2 of 3 beyond 2 sigma

Within CHARTrunner you have the option to identify one of these files as the active set of out-of-control test rules. This is done using the Setup/Preferences menu on the main form. Setting an active set of out-of-control tests will cause all new charts to be created using this set of out-of-control test rules.

On the chart definition form for all control charts there is a button named Test rules. This can be found on the control chart tab. When you click on this button a form is displayed which shows the out-of-control test rules being used on this chart. You may change the rules which are being used for this specific chart. In fact each chart can potentially use a different set of rules.

Many organizations prefer a consistent application of the same rules to all control charts. To accomplish this, use the Setup/Preferences form and make sure that you check this option:

   Use the same out-of-control tests for all charts

When this option is checked all control charts will use the active set of out-of-control test rules. This will be true even if a user has changed and saved the rules for any specific control chart.

When CHARTrunner is installed there are several standard sets of out-of-control test rules available. If none of these precisely match your needs you may define your own set of rules and give this your own name. To do this, select Setup/Out-of-control tests from the main form. When the out-of-control test form is displayed, click on the Add button. This will display a form allowing you to define, name, and save your own set of rules.

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