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CR: Charts not working on a new PC

Revision Date: 2005-09-19


Customers have reported that after installing CHARTrunner on a new PC, charts that used to work begin producing errors. One error message contained the following text:

            Check each OLEDB status value


Each chart definition contains information about the data source. Where does the data for this chart reside? Often when you get a new PC, the location of various programs and data files can change. If your chart refers to data in a location such as this:

   D:QualityData eadings.xls

Then each time you try to display the chart, CHARTrunner looks for data in this location.

If your data comes from SQL Server or an Oracle database, there is additional client software that must be installed on the PC before CHARTrunner can use the database. When you get a new PC, this client software is often missing. The error message above will be displayed (or one very similar) when this situation occurs with SQL Server.

If CHARTrunner is using an ODBC data source to get to the data,  there is a good chance that your new PC will not have the same ODBC driver or the same ODBC data sources defined. If this is the case, you may need to use the Windows control panel to define an ODBC data source that will allow CHARTrunner to find the data.

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