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GN - Using the PQ Application Cleaner Utility

Revision Date: 2007-03-29


In order to remove files that may be left over from a failed uninstallation of a PQ product on your computer you may be asked by PQ Systems to download, install and run the PQ Application Cleaner utility program. This utility is used to remove files and registry entries that are associated with a specific PQ product.


On Windows 2000 or Windows XP you must be a member of the Administrators group, or the Power Users group, in order to successfully use this program.

DO NOT use this program unless instructed to do so by PQ Systems Technical Support personnel.

Download the PqAppCleaner.zip archive for the PQ Application Cleaner utility program here.

Unzip PqAppCleaner.zip into an empty folder and run the PQAppClean.exe program.

Click the Open button and select the .PQU file that Technical Support directs you to use. Then click the Clean button to execute the script.

The results of running the script will be displayed in the Log window as well as being appended to the "PQ Application Cleaner.log" file.

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