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CR: Making a chart transportable

Revision Date: 2005-09-19


A chart that works fine on your workstation may generate errors if you send it to another CHARTrunner user for review on a different workstation. This can be caused by the chart not finding the data in the expected location.


You can often solve this problem by using a relative path when telling CHARTrunner where to find the data. For example, if your chart uses data from an Excel spreadsheet with this name:

C:My DocumentsLabData.xls

then in CHARTrunner, set your working folder to C:My Documents.

Next, define your chart. On the data source tab, select the Excel spreadsheet by using the “Browse” button. This will place the full absolute path to the Excel sheet into the form. Edit this path as follows:

C:My DocumentsLabData.xls


Now, you can email the chart definition (.crf) and the spreadsheet (.xls) to another CHARTrunner user. As long as they place both of these files in the same folder, they will be able to view the chart without errors sincee the chart definition will be able to find the data.

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