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CR: Too many decimal places in the chart data grid for an Excel column that is calculated by a formula

Revision Date: 2005-09-19


You specify in the chart definition to show the data above the grid.  You will see too many decimal places for the data from an Excel column that was calculated by a formula.

Note that formatting the data in Excel to show 2 decimals will not fix the problem since CHARTrunner charts the "raw" number from each cell, not the "rounded to 2 decimal places" number that Excel displays. Note also, that setting the number of decimals on the chart definition form will also not fix the problem as this applies to statistics we compute rather than raw data. However, there IS a solution. In the Excel sheet, use the ROUND function.


A formula like this:


Is changed to this:


The two means round to 2 decimals.

If you chart this column and ask for the data grid above the chart - it will show two decimals.

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